Foods to Feed Your Neurotransmitters

I just received my certificate in Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health and I’ve learned so much about the relationship between mental health and our food choices. I took this excerpt to specifically point out the foods that have a positive impact on balancing neurotransmitters. However, this is not

Dating in your 20s. Are you procrastinating love? (Whether that’s just self love, or the romantic love you actually deserve)

THE BOOKS YOU NEED TO READ TO MASTER LOVE IN YOURS TWENTIES “‘Eight Dates” by John and Julie Gottman gives you guidelines to help you navigate the most important conversations you should be having with your significant other or future significant other. When you’re establishing your framework for the relationship

3 Common Myths about relationships I hear in Couples Therapy

There are a lot of myths I hear in couples therapy that I want to point out: • The “Conflict means something is wrong. It’s not good to argue. If you argue, you aren’t compatible” Myth It’s how you HANDLE conflict that determines if it’s good or bad. Without healthy

6 Ways to Overcome Sexual Shame

Shame is often one of the core emotions surrounding an individual’s sexual difficulties when seeking support from therapist doing sex therapy. Dr. Noel Clark (2017), defined sexual shame as, “a visceral feeling of humiliation and disgust toward one’s own body and identity as a sexual being, and a belief of

Tired of initiating or saying no to sex in your relationship? Read this

This post is inspired by one of the most common sexual dilemmas I see when I work with couples: the impact of frequent sexual rejection in romantic relationships. A good sex life with your partner usually indicates a stronger emotional connection and sense of commitment within the relationship. Additionally, a

Need a little TLC for your mind, body, and soul? Add these to your watch list for some inspiration

Empower Yourself: Mind Made for more with Rachel Hollis. (Author of bestseller “Girl, Wash your Face.” Available on Amazon. Empower yourself: Body “‘Embrace” Documentary. Available on Amazon. Empower yourself: Soul “‘The Call to Courage” Documentary. Available on Netflix.

The unsettling truth about the pressures women face in today’s society

This was a chilling rendition titled “girls, girls, girls”, highlighting the conflictual and confusing messages associated with societal expectations of women. Polarized phrases were emphasized such as “don’t be fat” “god you’re so thin, you look sick.” “You should be pure. You should be sexy. You’re too provocative. You’re too

How your childhood determines the types of people you’re attracted too.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we will be unconsciously attracted to the love that is “familiar” to us, not necessarily what is “healthy” for us. This also explains why you might be trapped in that cycle of being attracted to the emotionally unavailable partner, the over-protective partner,

3 Trendy Ways to Connect with your Partner/Spouse

Download “The Gottman Card Deck” for free in the App Store. There are 14 separate sets of questions about multiple areas of your relationship; fun, leisure, goals, communication, sex, etc. The purpose of this exercise is to engage your partner on topics to foster bonding, fun, intimacy, connection, and communication.

Ways to control and limit overthinking

Do you consider yourself an over thinker? While logical thinking and decision making can be quite useful, a fine balance between thoughts and action is required to prevent the excess analysis that keeps us mentally or physically stuck. This can also be referred to as “analysis paralysis.” “‘Overthinking” is the

Dealing with the angst of regret after ending a relationship: curbing the mental habit of nostalgia

“Nostalgia can’t accept that the current situation we are in has stemmed from the inescapable difficulties that occurred with the past. A nostalgic mindset has us believe we were happy in our past relationships and then, mysteriously, everything changed for the worst, perhaps due to our own error and ungratefulness,

Mini meditations for those who want an introduction to mindfulness for help with anxiety, self esteem, and negative thoughts

Confidence Reminder of Inner Calm The importance of letting go to restore Inner Calm Acceptance of your thoughts When you’re feeling ungrounded

Neuroscience and love: brain hacks to sustain long term attachment and a doctor’s prescription for staying in love

Dr. Helen’s neuroscience findings left her with three pieces of advice for us to use to positively impact our romantic relationships. She suggested we focus on stimulating three aspects of our neurochemistry: Sex Drive: Being intimate with your partner. This boosts testosterone, oxytocin, + dopamine. Feelings of Romantic Love: Introducing

How to understand our kids better: the healing power of play

Our little guys don’t have the developmental ability to comprehend their feelings and behaviors that we do when decision making. That’s why when you ask a rowdy 6 year old why he threw his truck against the wall, his “I don’t know” might actually be accurate. Our kids can’t always

The perplexing truth: Is the pressure to find the perfect partner holding us back from being in a happy relationship?

Ester perel is awesome. In this video, she shares insights about why a combination of cultural changes, relationship expectations, online dating and social media may be impacting our decisions for picking our romantic partner.

The importance of coping skills for our little people.

As a systemic therapist, I work with a wide variety individuals, including school age kids and adolescents. Teaching the young people in our lives how to handle conflict, emotions, life transitions, loss, love, and everything in between is such an ambiguous concept at times, but it’s crucial. It’s important to

Ways to Empower your Daughter at Any Age

Here are some tips for cultivating an empowering parent-daughter relationship: Let your daughter know “Your Ideas Matter!” through active listening. Encourage your daughter to share her thoughts and opinions. Ask her what she liked best about her day and follow up with questions like “what did you learn about yourself today?”, “how did

Self Reflection is a Vital Component of Attracting a Person with the Qualities you Desire

“Before finding the right person, you need to BE the right person.” Dating can be hard; especially in today’s age where you can connect w dozens of people at the tip of your fingers. I often hear people talk about dating as a struggle and it’s always been a clinical

Why I’m PRO afternoon/post work baths: How baths can influence our routine

Baths are a great sensory coping tool, especially for individuals with anxiety and depression. (Bath Temperature Recommendation: 104-113 F for ideal results according to study) The warm sensation of the water, the smell of your favorite bath products, the sound of the running water… I could go on, but you

Stick to your New Year Resolutions by Kicking the Inner Critic: Self Compassion Practices when Making a Change:

When we want to make changes in our lives, it’s usually the mental barriers that keep us stuck in old habits. You do not have angry outbursts, poor health habits, or smoke cigarettes because “that’s just who you are.” It’s so much deeper than that. If you’re feeling powerless to

More Inspiration for the Therapy Generation

“The Therapist”, Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, sits with musicians from the world of rap, rock, pop, and EDM to explore the vulnerable parts of themselves not usually shown in the media. This show did a good job of capturing the artists discussing tough issues like depression, loss, illness, violence,