Does smell impact my relationship?

The short answer, yes. We have more olfactory receptors in our bodies than any other protein. Our body has the ability to chemically detect pheromones and sniff out complementary immune system‘s to our own. In fact, a woman’s sense of smell is heightened at the peak of fertility, at the

Relish App // Interview with the Founder of Lesley Eccles, also co-founder of Fan Duel

First, what is Relish? Relish is the first-ever truly customized relationship training app that helps build a happy, healthy, more connected relationship with your partner. Relish teaches active mindfulness to help individuals or couples become more conscious of how they approach their relationship, discovering improved communication, deeper connection and more


My personal and professional advocacy for “Relish” started during a search for tools to maximize couples’ results in therapy. I was looking for something that kept clients engaged in the process of achieving their goals and fostering more connection and positivity in their relationship. The search was inspired by evidence-based

6 Ways to Overcome Sexual Shame

Shame is often one of the core emotions surrounding an individual’s sexual difficulties when seeking support from therapist doing sex therapy. Dr. Noel Clark (2017), defined sexual shame as, “a visceral feeling of humiliation and disgust toward one’s own body and identity as a sexual being, and a belief of

Tired of initiating or saying no to sex in your relationship? Read this

This post is inspired by one of the most common sexual dilemmas I see when I work with couples: the impact of frequent sexual rejection in romantic relationships. A good sex life with your partner usually indicates a stronger emotional connection and sense of commitment within the relationship. Additionally, a