Relish App // Interview with the Founder of Lesley Eccles, also co-founder of Fan Duel

First, what is Relish? Relish is the first-ever truly customized relationship training app that helps build a happy, healthy, more connected relationship with your partner. Relish teaches active mindfulness to help individuals or couples become more conscious of how they approach their relationship, discovering improved communication, deeper connection and more


“My favorite coping mechanism for shitty things is to realize that I may not have the power to change other’s perceptions, but I can honor it while also choosing and honoring my own.” @optimistic_mft I say this in a lighthearted way because there are many times I (and I’m sure

Dating in your 20s. Are you procrastinating love? (Whether that’s just self love, or the romantic love you actually deserve)

THE BOOKS YOU NEED TO READ TO MASTER LOVE IN YOURS TWENTIES “‘Eight Dates” by John and Julie Gottman gives you guidelines to help you navigate the most important conversations you should be having with your significant other or future significant other. When you’re establishing your framework for the relationship


My personal and professional advocacy for “Relish” started during a search for tools to maximize couples’ results in therapy. I was looking for something that kept clients engaged in the process of achieving their goals and fostering more connection and positivity in their relationship. The search was inspired by evidence-based

I Learned one of the Most Valuable Life Lessons from Individuals Who Could No Longer Remember it Themselves: How Working with Dementia Changed My Mindset

At birth, we are all born with open minds and an expanded conscious. We are open to all of our senses and free to experience the world as we choose. How does this change?  Social norms, rule based structure, and fear change things. I had no idea that maturity is

8 Ways to Overcome Imposter’s Syndrome

8 WAYS TO OVERCOME IMPOSTERS SYNDROME! •Acknowledge that you might be experiencing imposters syndrome. What are the feelings and thoughts that come along with this for you? How does it impact your choices and how you behave? How long have you been feeling this way? Are there times you feel

10 Stress Relievers you’ll love when working from home!

The most popular item in my own office is my zen garden! This sensory tool is so soothing and can come with multiple tools to add to it. It’s perfect for the offices of problem solvers and creative thinkers. Sensory activities like this can positivity stimulate your mind without us

Hilarious Couple Entertainment: 10 ways to honor your inner weirdo + get silly with your partner during the quarantine

Switch it up with some unique new games! Make your partner laugh with “‘toilet tag”, “our moments”, and “do you know me?” Fun fact, positive novelty has an increases intimacy and attraction within your relationship, no matter what it is! Also, adding twists or changing rules to games you already

“Why does my therapist….?” Common things your therapist does, explained

In therapy, the interactions with your therapists are often warm and familiar, but also structured in a way to hold space for you differently than other relationships in your life. This is because therapy is a place for you to be supported, heard, and seen but also gently challenge past


What is Teletherapy? -Originally utilized by the military to treat veterans and serve clients in rural areas, teletherapy is an online mental health counseling system that allows people to get therapy from the comfort of their own home. -The therapist either sits at their rented office space, or an office

What is our mind and body’s relation to trauma?

You may have heard of the concept of fight or flight or know that trauma can affect a person’s day to day life, but do you know why it happens? Trauma directly effects the brain and even changes the structure of the brain. When working with trauma victims, I have

How to cope with corona virus related worry + anxiety

Take breaks from social media, excessive googling, + consuming untrustworthy/unreliable news sources. Continue self care and exercise. An official From the CDC stated that although the corona virus is more impactful than related seasonal flus, “this is not an existential threat to us as a society. Qualitatively it is similar

Why is dating so hard? Modern Documentaries you need to watch ASAP about love relationships

Dating today is more complex than it has ever been. For Gen Z’ers and millennials, we are caught tightroping between the traditional courting process our parents had and furiously swiping right to find an ideal contender. We also find ourselves conflicted with the polarization of evolving societal norms and the

Why would your therapist write you a prescription for a pet?

An emotional support animal is a domesticated pet (typically a dog) that has been medically recommended by a licensed mental health professional, such as a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. The person’s pet is prescribed to comfort and minimize problematic symptoms associated with their psychological/emotional disability. It is often incorporated

How to help your anxious partner cope with stress

Whether you or your partner deal with anxiety, it can start to feel like an unwanted house guest entered your relationship when it’s not managed properly. This is equally as true if both parties have anxious tendencies or deal with chronic stress. Anxiety can impact the individual and also their

Reflection Questions for Trust Building

“Reactions for safety in a battle with trust can be a lonely victory” I read a similar quote to this today while doing some research about betrayal and it made me think about relationships that are in the process of rebuilding trust. Trust is required in every single relationship to

3 Common Myths about relationships I hear in Couples Therapy

There are a lot of myths I hear in couples therapy that I want to point out: • The “Conflict means something is wrong. It’s not good to argue. If you argue, you aren’t compatible” Myth It’s how you HANDLE conflict that determines if it’s good or bad. Without healthy